OUR MISSION – To positively impact the health status of African American Women by creating a supportive environment through strengthening the local health network…..and to BUILD human capacity of the coalition to create awareness, provide information to survivors for making choices and work together to create a supportive environment for women in the Roanoke Valley seeking care for breast cancer. Another key focus is to assist in strengthening frontline health care workers by establishing a continuum of care for underserved women. 

WHO Are We?

The Roanoke Valley Breast Cancer Coalition (RVBCC) is an organization of frontline healthcare workers, volunteers and stakeholders.

WHO Do We Serve? 


The RVBCC aims to positively impact the health status of at-risk and underserved women and men across the cancer care continuum.

WHERE Do We Serve?  


We support improving breast, colorectal and prostate cancer care primarily in the Roanoke Valley Community and throughout Northeastern North Carolina.

WHAT Do We Do?


The coalition operates for the benefit of improving health care for those at highest risk by:

  1. Formalizing: Organizing the local health network of those who address breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer in Northeastern North Carolina.

  2. Strengthening and Building: Strengthening human capacity of the care network the target audience depends upon for support; and building cancer awareness and access to care across the cancer continuum.

  3. Maximizing: Sharing resources to support and educate women and men about breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer care issues.

  4. Educating: Providing information and access to services, helping survivors and families make choices across the continuum of care.

  5. Creating: a shared vision and supportive environment for women and men in Northeastern North Carolina, particularly the Roanoke Valley, seeking care for breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer.

  6. Advocating: Making the case for women and men in rural, isolated depressed counties, and educating patients and providers on available breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer health services and programs.


WHY Do We Do It?

  1. We are committed to improving lives of women and men in Northeastern North Carolina!

  2. Our counties have higher mortality rates than the state for breast cancer.

  3. Our counties are Tier One (economically depressed) counties.

  4. Our counties have 92 & 94/100 rankings in health outcomes in the state.

  5. Our counties are majority-minority counties; African American women have a higher breast cancer mortality rate than White women.


The RVBCC functions as a non-profit organization affiliated with the Gregory B. Davis, a501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Foundation as fiduciary agent. It includes healthcare organizations, such as Halifax Regional Medical Center, Halifax County Public Health System, Northampton County Health Department, Rural Health Group, Inc. and other community, civic and church health programs providing a seamless network of services to survivors and families in the Roanoke Valley. In addition, the coalition creates a welcoming, supportive environment for research and special projects seeking to raise overall health outcomes in the area.

For more information about the RVBCC and Support Groups contact Audrey Hardy, Project Coordinator at (252) 535-8771, ahardy@halifaxrmc.org and Patricia J. Peele, M.A.Ed., Women’s Health Educator, Rural Health Group/Senior Trainer and Planner, (252) 678-4608, pjpeele@gmail.com. Website: www.gbdf.org/ccwelcome and Facebook.com/Gregory-B-Davis-Foundation-GBDF.