"GBDF/RVBCC Receives 2014 Komen Grant"

ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC – The Susan G. Komen National Foundation in partnership with the Triangle to the Coast Affiliate has awarded grants to community-based organizations in Region L areas of North Carolina. The grants support prevention, screening, detection, survivorship and quality of life stages across the breast cancer continuum of care.

The Gregory B. Davis Foundation (GBDF) received funding from the grant on behalf of the Roanoke Valley Breast Cancer Coalition (RVBCC). The RVBCC has been operating in the Roanoke Valley area for the past five years. The organization is made up of front line health care workers, faith community leaders and community organization members who have direct contact with the target population in the service area. The target population is African American women and the underserved, which are at the highest risk of dying of breast cancer.

The purpose of the Foundation’s community grants is to support local breast cancer awareness and screening programs in target areas, especially underserved communities. The Coalition programs focus on finding tumors earlier, reducing breast cancer mortality rates, and demonstrating the potential to make a positive impact in the field of breast cancer awareness.

The RVBCC will use the funding to establish new outreach services to survivors in the area. There will be Breast Cancer Support Groups established in Halifax and Northampton Counties. Meetings will allow survivors, co-survivors and family members of breast cancer survivors to gather monthly to hear information about available resources ways to communicate with providers, advocating for the patient and ways to support family members and patients. There will be opportunities to share information with each other, tour cancer centers and learn about relevant issues around breast care and women’s health. In addition to the support group activities, the RVBCC will also host a statewide conference, “Saving Our Sisters in the Valley”, which will be held on November 8, 2014 at Halifax Community College. The conference will feature health providers, resource fair, workshop sessions, panel discussion and a keynote speaker. Lunch and entertainment will be included. Registration information will be announced on the website: http://www.rvbcc.gbdf.org.

“I am delighted that our organization has chosen to expand our support of breast cancer survivors, as we will be continuing our collaborative efforts to make a significant impact in cancer prevention and access to care” says Audrey Hardy, Health Educator at Halifax Regional, core member of the RVBCC, and GBDF Board Member.


The Gregory B. Davis Foundation (GBDF) on behalf of the Roanoke Valley Breast Cancer Coalition (RVBCC) was awarded $40,000.00. The RVBCC goals are to: Reduce breast cancer mortality rates in Halifax and Northampton Counties by providing a supportive environment for African American women to have access to quality care along the Breast Cancer Continuum. To identify resources, provide education, increase awareness, and link services to help create a supportive environment for those seeking breast care in the Roanoke Valley using the evidenced-based “Continuum of Care” established by the National Cancer Institute to improve access to breast health services for underserved women. The Gregory B. Davis Foundation (GBDF) is a non- profit organization formed to preserve the legacy of Gregory B. Davis who died of AIDS in 2000. The mission of GBDF is to enhance the lives of underserved youth and their families through the development and support of educational and health programs and initiatives. For more information about GBDF, visit www.gbdf.org.

Pam Kohl, Executive Director with Susan G. Komen, North Carolina Triangle to the Coast stated, “Our Affiliate is pleased to support the important work of the RVBCC. We know that by all of us working together we will get closer to our vision of a world without breast cancer. “

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