The PINK LINK Project 

Funded by the Susan G. Komen Triangle to the Coast Affiliate 


Identified by the RVBCC more than 3 years ago as a key need, The Pink Link Project will be the last link in the Continuum of Care (CoC) and will build on the strong bond among our area providers in the Roanoke Valley and beyond…... 

  • The GOAL: To increase the percentage of women who enter, stay in or progress through the continuum of care and thereby reduce breast cancer mortality through outreach/education in non-traditional locations throughout our Roanoke Valley service area. 

  • The HOW:  Lay Health Advisors will conduct outreach places such as public housing units, mobile home parks, laundromats, community colleges, retail stores, telephone stores, rent-to-own stores and workplaces.

  • The WHO:  Thirty (30) women who have not been screened will be identified and will receive help with getting appropriate care. Referrals will be made for breast cancer medical services offered by Halifax Regional Medical Center and the Rural Health Group.

  • The SUPPORT:  Support/financial assistance will allow women to be engaged at each stage of the Breast Cancer CoC.  Halifax Regional, The Rural Health Group, and the RVBCC will “link’ to streamline the identification and referral of women to Halifax Regional and Rural Health Group's no cost or low-cost screening/diagnostic/treatment services and coordinate resources that reduce barriers to breast cancer care.

  • The RESOURCES include: 

    • Breast cancer co-pays/deductibles

    • Transportation 

    • Childcare/eldercare and 

    • Limited assistance for living expenses

    • Four (4) Additional Opportunities for Screening Locally and a “Survivor’s Toolkit”

See Financial Request Form for more info on how to access resources and Upcoming Events to learn more about area screenings.

The Pink Link Project Funding Award is presented to GBDF and the RVBCC by Lolita Smith-Moore, Susan G. Komen North Carolina Triangle to the Coast (far right); Pat Peele-RVBCC Pink Link Training and Community Outreach Specialist (far left); Audrey Hardy, RVBCC Pink Link Project Director; Brenda Bracey, GBDF Chief Financial Officer; and Belinda Jones-Hill, RVBCC Pink Link Project Coordinator.

The PINK LINK Project Team:

Belinda Jones-Hill, Project Coordinator and Key Point of Contact

(252) 678-2249, Email:


Audrey Hardy, Project Director                                                                       (252) 578-8218,  Email:


Edna Davis-Brown, Assistant Project Coordinator 

(240) 602-4156, Email:


Pat Peele, Senior Trainer 

(252) 678-4608, Email:


Community Patient Navigators (Stay Tuned!!)


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